iLIVE Leadership focuses on developing character and personal growth through the following ten sessions:



...why leadership is for everyone

The iLIVE Leadership course starts with this session and explains that leadership is influencing others and, therefore, is for everyone. We have the responsibility to determine what kind of influence and leader we want to be and must be intentional about it.


...through the eyes of a leader

This session will teach students foundational aspects of what it means to have a vision. Also, students will have the opportunity to develop their own personal vision statement.

Emotional Balance

…healthy leaders lead better

Learning how to live a balanced life is crucial for successful leadership. This class will help students find the right balance by applying fundamental relationship-oriented rules.

Confidence and Public Speaking

…how to become a great communicator

Based on valuable principles from some of the best communicators in the world and the globally known TED Talk Community, this session is going to help you grow in your confidence and communication skills

Personal Management

...maximising your personal resources

This session teaches valuable and foundational principles of personal time management and personal budgeting. Learning to use these resources efficiently now will help students to manage themselves in future leadership positions.




...shaping your destiny's DNA

Based on the example of Nelson Mandela, this session explains the significance of building a reputation of integrity by constantly investing in one's character.


...developing a leader's response-ability

In this class, learn the foundational importance of taking responsibility for one's life and how to deconstruct excuses and victim mentalities that steal people's lives out from under them.


…great leaders make others great

Using the life and example of Mother Theresa, this class will help students understand that true greatness means making others great. According to Jim Collins, ("Good to Great") humility marks the difference between good and great leaders.


...making the most of your moment

Great leaders act on their principles, not on their feelings. This session encourages students to have a solid foundation for their convictions in order to overcome FEAR: false evidence appearing real.


...embracing the journey of champions

This session reveals why the discipline of perseverance is so important in order to finish well and how to push through times of resistance. Talent may be a starting point, but only perseverance will make talent successful.



In addition to the 10 iLIVE sessions, we offer the following guest lectures throughout the year:


Developing the Leader Within You

..five principles to help you grow

This session is brought to us by guest lecturer Tommy Stewart ("New Season Leadership") who is an expert in helping people discover and grow in their leadership potential.

Mental Health and Leadership

Presented by psychiatrist and mental health expert Dr. Stephen Critchlow (www.mindfulofthelight.com), this session is designed to help students deal properly with stress and anxiety as they grow as leaders.







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